• 21 May 2023
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Hello All.

Last week I switched from Ziggo to T Mobile. Glasvezel with symmetrical download and upload. 

The internet worked perfect but suddenly on Friday, LOS starts blinking red and no internet. Now its Sunday and not fixed yet. I see stories where people have to wait for 2-4 weeks to get it fixed.

With Ziggo, in 9 years , no outage.

I also see that this problem is from Wijkkast, where an technician by accident pull out the connection. So all T-Mobile has to do is to plug it in. 

Does anybody have an idea how to fix it? quickly?

I placed a ticket on Friday but didnt hear nything from T Mobile or Guidion.


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Thanks Cheyenne

Day 8 of no internet.

Looks like the network operator didn't had time yesterday and today. Another weekend without internet. 

Wijkkast is the key to fixing. 5 minutes job to fix a cable there.

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Hi @Maaz, I completely understand your reaction! I would have preferred to see it differently and this is something we want to take with us internally. It's not nice to have to wait that long, we can learn from this. We have done absolutely everything in my power to speed it up, and this is the outcome. Of course I understand that you would rather have it solved yesterday than today, but this is simply not an option.
I absolutely understand your wish, but we have now really chosen the fastest way. Know that we will immediately take your example internally, because this is not what we want. For now I sincerely thank you for all your patience and I wish you a nice day anyway! 😊

Thank you for the kind message.

This problem rood los has been for many years with same results. Hope you can find a faster way, for example allow guidion to go to wijk kast.

Now question is , can the grid operator kpn fix it today or tomorrow or that must be Monday?

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Hi @Maaz, that's certainly what we would prefer too! The difficult thing is that in your instance we do not own the distribution points ourselves and in some instances the network operator does not allow us to acces their distribution points. Likewise we would have loved to have a wider availability of the technicians of KPN NetwerkNL, but unfortunately they do not work on national holidays nor weekends. We're trying our utmost best to gain more access to their network and for parts of their network we are now allowed to access their distribution points.

I see that progress has been made and an appointment has been set, this should be solved very soon for you!

Thank you for the support.

I dont know which appointment is set because i didn't get any email about it.

Also regarding the costs for buying a t mobile sim should be compensated by t mobile. Where can i send you the invoice for it

Day 12 of No internet:


Waiting for grid operator to fix the internet in Wijkkast/Wijkcentrale.

Anyone update any one? Can someone push the t mobile technical department to fix it today?

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Hi @Maaz, the due date is set for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have more information for you by then! 

Day 14 of No internet 

Hello T Mobile. Internet fixed.

T Mobile technical guys called me today and asked me if i am home so they can come to “fix internet”. 

I told them to go to Wijk kast first. They went there and after 10 minutes called me, heyy its fixed here.

All they needed to do was to plug the cable back in and took them 2 weeks to figure this out and i insisted for this from Day 1. 

Well good news is internet is back here. 

It has been a lot of pain not to have internet for 2 weeks. 

Please refund the days from 19 May to 31 May. 

Please also refund the 10 Euros for the sim, as I was forced to buy this T Mobile sim due to voucher.


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HI @Maaz, thanks for the wonderful update! Finally it's been fixed, so glad to hear. I'll refund said period and will add € 10 for the reimbursement of the sim card. You'll receive an email with confirmation shortly.