Question regarding the delivery of my box

  • 24 August 2018
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Good afternoon! As I am outside the Netherlands right now and I do not have a phone number, it is impossible for me to contact T-mobile at home. My question is there an e-mail address to contact someone? I wanted to get updates on the order of my new box (tv and modem) thank you!

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Hi metty1, I can give you an update through here if you want! The grid operator contacted us and let us know that the requested speed of 100 Mbps is technically not feasible so your order has been put on hold. My colleague's have tried to contact you but have been unable to reach you. We can cancel the order or change it to 50 Mbps (the max speed offered on this adress is 55 Mbps). Please let me know which you prefer, then I'll process the order! I also see that the last invoice from July hasn't been payed. You can transfer the payment manually to the following account:

From a Dutch account
In the name of Buckaroo for T-Mobile Thuis
Please note your customernumber and invoicenumber

From an account outside of the Netherlands
IBAN-nummer: NL05RABO0121503038
BIC (Swiftcode): RABONL2U
Always note the BIC-nummer and bankaddress
Rabobank Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB Utrecht
Thanks for answering quickly!
Yes is hasn't been paid because my dutch account was blocked for half a week due to verification issues,the money should be there within 2-3 business days.

Yes it is normal that you cannot contact me as I don't have a dutch phone number.
I would be pleased for you to send me an e-mail/ give me a call or such as I want to discuss that internet issue thing + see the possibility of a mobile contract.

Tot ziens!

It is quite urgent to me as I have been waiting since july for all of this.
Let's bring it over us asap 🙂

you can call me at the indicated number but instead of the dutch "06" just replace with "+352 691" followed by the rest of the number.

thank you
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Hi @metty1

All updates will be mailed automatically to the e-mailaddress you gave us during your order. So no worries! Everything will be communicated on time. For everything else you can contact our customer service.

Hope all is well!