Public IP blacklisted?

  • 19 November 2020
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Since two days, I am having a problem while browsing on the internet when connected to wifi. 
Every website asks to solve the recaptcha to prove that it is not robot who's trying to access, other websites not even loading properly.

This issue happens only when I am connected to my home wifi and on every device that is connected to this network.

I have checked if my ip is blacklisted here  and I see that it was blacklisted in

I have no idea what could cause this issue? Could you please help me with this?



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Hello @omaryazeji 

It looks like all public addresses are on red (blacklisted).

Even mine and many others but it doesn't cause any problem I guess so the issue is something else...

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Hi @omaryazeji,


This kinda thing can happen when traffic from a IP is considered malafide. The IP is then blacklisted to prevent further harm. Luckily you have a dynamic IP address, this could change after a while. However, there is no sure way to change IP address. The best option is to disconnect your modem for about 72 hours, but it comes without garantee. 


Here are two other topic with users haveing the same issues:


Will you keep us informed on the situation?

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Fix I’m Not A Robot reCAPTCHA Issue in Google Search

Getting Cloudflare capcha on almost every website I visit for my home network. Help!

Did you try using another browser then Google Chrome, to see if it can solve your problem?

@Pieter_B  Yes, the issue was happening on different browsers as well. 
anyway, now out of a sudden everything seems back to normal and I don't have any issues while browsing. thanks for the feedback.

@Sander  thanks for the feedback. now I have no issue even with the same IP. out of a sudden, everything seems back to normal and I have no issues while browsing.

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That's great news @omaryazeji, thanks for sharing! Any ideas on what might have been the solution?