No internet for 17 days

  • 17 January 2020
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We don't have internet for 17 days now. 

The problem turns out to be - wrong house number. We already have two contracts with T-mobile (one for SIM card and another for SIM + phone). You have our correct information in these contracts. You made a mistake in the third one and this is the only cause for this unacceptable delay.

Somebody forgot to put a letter E in our address next to the house number, and we've been going back and forth between T-mobile, Guideon and KPN. Dozens of phone calls worth nothing.

Two times you sent a technician. First one figured out the problem, and then you sent another one to waste our time and conclude the same. The second one was so nice to give us instructions what exactly to say to the operator when we call.

But it was no use, as your last solution was to completely cancel, and order new equipment, wait for 15 days, even though we have everything connected already! All we need is a signal to our socket. 

This is unacceptable. I don't blame any of the operators, but it was T-mobile sales person mistake to write the wrong address number. He did it correctly 10 minutes prior when I was buying the phone. At that point I thought there is no place for a mistake, since my information is in your system twice (SIM for over a year, and now new phone).

I am deeply disappointed and thinking about cancelling everything with T-mobile. My friends are advising me to do so. I will ask around on social media to gather more opinions.

I also keep on receiving automatic messages from T-mobile saying my bill is coming soon. For what?!



Beste antwoord door Jason van Odido 10 February 2020, 19:02

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Hi @vesnavuksan,


I’m so sorry this happened to you, it’s really unfortunate that the colleague from sales didn’t double or triple check the correct address first. Especially considering the fact that he added the correct addres (with extension E) when you were buying the phone previously. I’ve just checked with our technicians and what I can do is the following: I can add a move in our system which will transfer the order to the correct address but that will take some time extra or like my colleague said, cancel the current order and add a new one via the technical department. I completely understand that this isn’t what you were hoping for and apologize for the inconvenience so far. Even though things have gone south with the Thuis contract, please don’t blame our mobile colleagues for our mistake. They’re a different department which operate separately from us. 

Which one takes less time?

“I can add a move in our system which will transfer the order to the correct address but that will take some time extra or like my colleague said, cancel the current order and add a new one via the technical department.”

I am more inclined towards the first option, but it really depends on the time you predict it would take.

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@vesnavuksan Honestly, the average processing time of a move is between two to four weeks. This is mainly due to the new line-request we have to set up with the network administrator and the two weeks cool-off period. The second option could take either as much or more time, it all depends on the availability of Fiber ports in the main network central and what the status is of the Fiber line at the correct address. 

Let me know which option you prefer and I’ll make sure we’ll do our utmost to fix it as quickly as possible!

@Jason please go ahead and transfer the order to the correct address then. 

What information do you need from me?

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@vesnavuksan I’ve cancelled the original order, can I request that you call our sales department tomorrow 0800-0419 and specify that they add a new order with the correct address (extension E)? The move won’t work, because eventually this would add up to more time. In short: due to the strict privacy regulation we cannot directly cancel the current order due to the fact that officially, in spite of your name and details linked to this contract, this would take a lot more time. We would need to call the house owner and ask for their permission to transfer the connection. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I do want to help you in the best possible way!

@Jason sure, I can call that number and let you know if it worked.

However, I just received the following email saying that I want to cancel (which is nice), but also that I would be charged for January ?! - and T-mobile never made the connection work! Can you stop this or tell me how to get the money back? Thanks.


Beste mevrouw Vuksan,

Je hebt aangegeven dat je vanaf 23-01-2020 wilt stoppen met je T-Mobile Thuis abonnement met klantnummer: xxxxxxxxx.

De laatste rekening
De maand waarin je abonnement stopt, ontvang je een rekening met de abonnementskosten tot 23-01-2020. De maand daarna ontvang je van ons nog een rekening met de gebruikskosten van de laatste maand. Dit wordt automatisch geïncasseerd van je rekening.

Heb je opgezegd binnen je contracttermijn, dan kan het zijn dat we de resterende maanden in rekening brengen op de rekening met je laatste abonnementskosten.

Apparatuur retour
Je hebt van ons apparatuur in bruikleen en die willen we natuurlijk graag terug. Wanneer je je apparatuur terugstuurt, pak dan een gebruikte doos. Bijvoorbeeld een oude schoenendoos. Zo sparen we het milieu ook een beetje!

Stuur 'm binnen 30 dagen na beëindigen van de dienst op inclusief apparatuur en accessoires (denk aan adapters, afstandsbediening, HDMI-kabel en eventuele Media Converter) naar:

BNS Data Logistics
O.v.v. T-Mobile Thuis
Antwoordnummer 13545
4130 ZX Vianen

Postzegels zijn niet nodig, het is een gratis antwoordnummer. Als je er een briefje bij doet met jouw postcode, huisnummer en klantnummer, dan weten we dat het pakket van jou is. Vergeet niet het verzendbewijs goed te bewaren totdat je van ons bevestiging hebt dat je pakket is aangekomen!

Lukt het je niet de apparatuur en accessoires op tijd terug te sturen? Dan moeten we helaas conform de Algemene Voorwaarden de apparatuur in rekening brengen.

Heb je nog vragen?
We hebben veel antwoorden al voor je online gezet op Of vraag het aan onze specialisten van de Community op

Met vriendelijke groet,
Team T-Mobile Thuis

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@vesnavuksan Good morning! No worries, you won’t be charged for January. Because you never received a working connection, we’ll discard the monthly costs. If by some fluke, you’d be charged let me know and I’ll make sure it’ll be reimbursed. :relaxed:

Do you have the installation package we sent to your neighbors by the way? If you do, can I please be so bold as to ask you to send the package back to our return address? 

BNS Data Logistics
O.v.v. T-Mobile Thuis
Antwoordnummer 13545
4130 ZX Vianen


Please add your customer number on the box (or write it on the box even), that way our administrators will link it to the old customer profile and it’ll be handled and processed quicker. Thanks so much! Let me know how the phone call went. 

@Jason thanks!

I have sent the equipment today, according to the instructions.

I've called the Sales and ordered new contract, asked to make the same deal as it was originally.

Now I got an email confirmation from T-mobile with contract which is not exactly the same. Why charging installation now?

See below:

1. Original offer
2. New offer


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@vesnavuksan Aah absolutely perfect, thanks so much for being so cooperative! I’ve immediately disposed of the installation fee considering you already agreed on that with the first contract. Can I do anything else for you? :relaxed:

Hi @Jason I've received the new equipment and connected everything properly. Today I received an email saying that the internet will be active by 6 pm today. And guess what? It is not working… can you please help?

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Hi @vesnavuksan! I immediately performed a line analysis to check the status of the connection. Are you sure the modem is installed correctly, with the right cables? Which lights are green on the modem and which ones aren’t?

Hi @Jason everything is connected as shown below.

To remind you, there were two technicians here previously, and the equipment was connected the same. Please help, or let us know how to cancel.



Hi @Jason! Is there a technical problem that makes T-mobile unavailable in our area? We were with Ziggo before and it worked just fine. Please help us resolve this...

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Hi @vesnavuksan,


I’m so sorry the connection isn’t working yet! This should be fixed as quickly as possible. I’ve opened up a ticket to Guidion, they’ll send over a technician who will make sure everything’s installed properly. In spite of the two previous technicians having been sent over, apparently the line wasn’t in service yet (prior to January 30th). You’ll receive a text message and an e-mail in about 15 minutes. Once again, really sorry it’s been quite the rough start so far! 

Thank you @Jason. We've made an appointment for this Friday, I hope it works out.

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You’re welcome @vesnavuksan, no problem at all! Awesome, I’m sure the technician will do everything within his/her power to fix the connection! Looking forward to hearing from you on Friday. :relaxed:

 @Jason no one showed up today during the scheduled time 16:00 - 18:00. No message, no call. 

This is awful.  :rage:

What now?

Hi @Jason 

So, the guy showed up in the end, an hour later.

He said the problem was with the signal not being released yet by KPN. Everything is connected well inside the house. Now we have to wait……… 

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Hi @vesnavuksan, it looks like the grid operator is working as we speak and it should be resolved within the coming hours! 

@Brian @Jason 

The technician from KPN was at our place today.

After thoroughly searching our apartment, dismantling the socket, going to the basement and then to the neighbor to check their connection, the conclusion is:

we don't have access to the main switch.

They should drill the wall to make it work. Unfortunately, we don't own the apartment and the landlord doesn't give us permission to make any changes.

I'm afraid we have to cancel.

Can you start the procedure?

Thank you.

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Hi @vesnavuksan,


That’s really unfortunate! I’m so sorry you don’t have a main access point. I’ll cancel the contract, free of charge of course. If you move houses somewhere in the future, please let us know and we’ll try to fix a connection over there. :relaxed: Could you please send the equipment to our return address? Thanks so much! The return information will be sent to you by e-mail.

Thank you @Jason. You've been really helpful in the process. 

I've sent the equipment today.

Have a nice day!

Hello @Jason!

I thought I wouldn't have to get back to you, as we successfully cancelled the subscription for internet and returned equipment.

I was just charged today 27,10 EUR by T-Mobile Thuis B.V. 

Can you please check how this happened and place a request for reimbursement?

Thank you.

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Hi @vesnavuksan! How are you? Hope everything’s well! :smile: Thanks for the heads-up, I immediately reimbursed the € 27.10. It’ll be reimbursed 32 days after the transaction date. Which means you’ll receive the payment either on or around March 28th or April 28th. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Hi @Jason Thank you!

Can you double-check that I don't get charged automatically next month, etc? Thanks!