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  • 5 January 2022
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Hi all,

This afternoon my internet access just stopped working completely, I already performed all the necessary steps in case it was something on my modem or media converter.

I’m pretty sure this is something beyond the media converter, maybe fibre or an outage in my region.

The next available appointment with a technician is only on Jan 16th. Is anyone experiencing any outages in this region as well?


Beste antwoord door Waqqas 5 January 2022, 20:17

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Hello @jporci 

There are no issues according to T-Mobile, do you see anything in your T-Mobile thuis account under actuele storingen?

Which mediaconverter do you have and which lights are on or off on it?

Hi @Waqqas ,

Nothing on my T-Mobile thuis account under actuele storingen.

I’m attaching two photos, one of the media converter itself and another of the lights that are currently on (the only one that seems to be off is the one above FO).



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Looks like an issue outside because you allready restarted the mediaconverter.

Let's hope it gets fixed soon or you can call Guidion maybe and ask if there's time for a mechanic to come earlier, telephone number 088 2000 151.

Restarted it multiple times at this point. Already booked the technician for Jan 16th but hopefully this is just an outage and it’ll start working before that :D

Thanks for your help @Waqqas .

Well it just started working like nothing happened.

Thanks @Waqqas helping out.

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Hi @jporci, I'm really happy to read that everything is working fine again! If you have any other questions, please let me know. Enjoy your day! 😁