Network down Meerhoven

  • 29 January 2021
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From 9 pm yesterday,

I cannot use fixed wifi in my house with the same symptom of that 2 days ago, DNS issues.

(Open DNS doesn’t help to solve this.)

Hope T-mobile can solve this faster…..


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Good morning @gara888,

It is good you  mention this. The DNS issue is already resolved. As I understand in the general topic there are some customers who still encounter this kind of issues, and indeed changing DNS will not work. A moderator can look into your case and update you. They will respond in this topic. 

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Hi @gara888, welcome to the Community!

We're here to help you as much as possible and we won't stop until the connection's fully working again. By “fixed Wifi” do you mean Wifi (as in wireless network) or fixed Internet (Internet via ethernet cable)? 

I've performed a line analysis and there seems to be something wrong with the WAN (the incoming signal). Is the WAN-light on the Huawei modem blinking red/green or fully red? Can you please try and reset the Media Converter? The converter is the rectangular black/grayish box that connects the modem to your FTU (Fiber-connection point). Also, try turning the dip switches 1 and 6 off, and turn 3 and 4 on - and vice versa. This should give the connection the push needed to come online again.

To clarify what I'm referring to when talking about the converter, please take note of the following picture:

I'm certain we'll fix the stability again, sorry for the inconvenience!