WIFI punten sent back via DHL but not received

  • 15 May 2023
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I sent back 2 WIFI punten  on Tuesday 12 April via DHL but I received 2 emails from T-mobile Thuis stating they were not received. DHL app shows the box was sent and delivered though.

Could please have a look and let me know what is the status of the retouren?






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Hi Jason,

thank you very much ! I wanted to make sure you actually received them. Good I will disregard any future emails if any. 
Have a great day!



my customer number is XXXX (already filled in my profile)

Retour number is on the screen shot below

and here is the tracking code is JVGLOTC0040243647

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Hi @Tiphaine, thanks for adding the proof of shipment! I’ve removed the one, remaining wifi extender from the return-database. You won’t receive anymore mails regarding the return of hardware - should you receive another email, please disregard it and throw it in the bin. 

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You're very welcome @Tiphaine! Have an amazing day! 

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Hello @Tiphaine 

Did you add a note with your customer details or a retournummer?

Can you also provide the tracking code and make sure your klantnummer is filled in in your community profile?