Moving abroad, Cancelling my contract

  • 25 June 2021
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Hi, T-Mobile Team, 

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I have been in India since September 2020. I thought I would come back but the situation hasn't been in my favour. It’s not possible for me to keep paying the invoices along with rent, which is why my roommate has also decided to move out of the apartment. 

I would like to cancel my subscription for my home WiFi/internet plan and my mobile plan at the earliest. Please advise and help me on how we can go about it. 


Thank you! 

Kind Regards, 




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Hi @hepbrunette ,

Thanks for your message on the Community! Let me find out what the possibilities are. Can you please send me a private message with your zip code, house number, date of birth and the last four digits of your billing number. With these I have access to your account and check what I can do for you. I’d be happy to hear from you.

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Hi @OEBali, thanks a lot for your message! I’m really glad to hear that you are feeling better now. It must have been a scary time. I really want to help you with this and wanted to take a look into your profile right away. I can’t enter your profile with the email address. Can you please add your customer number to your account? Then I can look you up in the system and arrange this for you. I hope you will feel a bit better every day! 😊

I had to go back to Turkey with ambulance plane due to having Covid, I am feeling better now. My contract ends at 8 October 2021. Can you cancel my contract right now.


Kind Regards,

Ömer Efe Bali