Transfer subscription to PrePaid

  • 8 January 2023
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Hi, I want to cancel my subscription, and change it to prepaid again. Anyone knows how??

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Hi @D.135

A T-Mobile community moderator can submit a cancellation request for you. 

Hope this helps! 

Have a good day! 😉

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Hi @D.135 

I can help you with your request. Are you still in your contract period or did your contract term end? If you’re still in your contract period you will have to buy of your contract. If your contract term already ended you can cancel your subscription for free and I will make sure your number is transferred to PrePaid. Just keep in mind there is a one month notice. You can send me private a message with your 06-number, name, birth-date, full address and the last 4 numbers of your account number. I will help you with your request.