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  • 19 January 2023
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I will leave the country on April 2, 2023 and I would like to cancel my subscription to mobile phone starting that date. I have a contract that expired already. How should I proceed? Thanks !

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Hi @AllanD 

Please see the topic below for further instructions.
A T-Mobile community moderator will get back to you. 

Furthermore, please keep in mind that every contract has a one-month term of notice.

Hope this helps! 

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Hi @AllanD

If your contract passed the original end date, you would only have to consider the one month's notice, meaning if the cancellation would happen today, your contract would end on 20-2-2023. If you want to use your contract until your departure, I'd recommend to send us a message on 1 March. Alternatively, we can end your contract (with a one month's notice) by changing the subscription to PrePaid. You can then use your sim card as a PrePaid until departure (after six months of inactivity, the PrePaid sim will be disabled automatically). 

Please let us know what would be your intended route.