T-HUIS internet 20 days waiting for instalation

  • 19 October 2020
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Hello, It’s been a while from when I am waiting the mechanic to come and install my internet at home! I made a subscription on 1st  of october and the appointment with a Mechanic is on 20th of october. I mention I received at home the router and everything, I tried to connect somehow but is not working, so I have to wait the mechanic… can anyone tell me if I have to pay the days that I was not able to use internet??? in fact between 1st - 20th of october?  Why is so difficult and cannot connect the internet myself? thank you.  (Basically everything is connected but on my ZIXEL Modem I have a red light open at internet connection. )why? 


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Hi @marian909090 

You do not have to pay for the period of 1 to 20 October, you will start paying once the modem works.

Fiber requires a mechanic that can install it because if you do it yourself and you break anything by accident it can cost you a lot of money.

Today is the 19th of October so one more day 🙂

@Waqqas Hello, Today the mechanic fixed everything but I still do not have internet… and imagine  i AM WAITING SINCE 1ST OF OCTOBER… … SOO HE TOLD ME IS NEEDED TO CHECK THE LINE OUTSIDE… WHICH IS WEIRD!!!  I AM REALLY PISSED OF BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE INTERNET AT HOME TO WORK FROM HOME AND I have to expose myself at the office…. soo weird and tough

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Hi @marian909090, it normally takes around four weeks to establish a new fiber connection. In this case our mechanic found that there is a problem with the incoming line but not to worry, we’ll get you online in no-time! You have already received a request from the grid operator (KPN) to make a new appointment to fix the incoming connection.