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My home network keeps going down. It's been happening a lot in the past two months but this week, and especially today, the connection got lost several times. Is there a fault? I am in Amsterdam West 


Beste antwoord door Jason van Odido 28 May 2020, 15:21

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I can't find anywhere in the link the steps that would guide me through the process of connecting two wires to the modem. 

Besides, I can't leave the modem in the hallway next to the ISRA point.

I'll just cancel TMobile  when it expires in a few months.

Thanks you for your help anyway. 



Hi Jason, 

Can you please book a technician to come over and fix this issue? 

The disconnections are more and more frequent and are affecting our ability to work, there's no possible action on our side as we do not have access to any connection outside of the apartament.

When will you be able to send a technician to fix this? 


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Hi @Bordignuzza, how unfortunate this may be, we can't send over technicians to fix bridge taps. Bridge taps are located inside the ISRA and the ISRA - please excuse me for putting this so bluntly - is the main responsibility of the homeowner. 

To explain a bridge tap more clearly: early on there were analog telephone lines and often more telephone sets were connected to them.
A line typically had a "connection factor" of 5 and a telephone usually a connection factor of 1.5 (eg T65), an additional bell: 0.5 (if I recall correctly).
All were usually "knotted" together; all devices on a line so that you could listen / talk on each (i.e. devices such as the T65 had the possibility to work together via a 4-wire connection that only has the first recorded connection). 

Getting rid of the tap itself is quite easy, however you do need to identify where the tap is located, otherwise you'll be cutting wires which needn't be cut. 

Try the following please: the two wires of a (thick) cable that merge into your two wires (four core wires of which two are used) in the ISRA-point. There is a "tap" on it; a branch (second telephone)
Find the "tap" and cut it off. Good luck! 


We can see where the phone cable enters the property and we can track it up to the ISRA point (about 4 meters in total). There are no other phone sockets in the house that we can see and that the owner can think of.

This is an old 1940s building and perhaps the bridge tap is next door outside the flat, before it reaches our ISRA point.

On another note, the wifi went off yesterday and the modem switch itself off randomly.

Since TMobile does not assist the only solution I have is to cancel my 12 month subscription next week, luckily it expires at the end of July.










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Hi @Bordignuzza


First off, I'm on your side, I want to help you fix this situation and keep you as a happy customer. Please be aware if the ISRA is not fixed, you'll have issues with every other DSL provider there is. The best way is to make an appointment with a certified mechanic to remove the bridge tap. Another way could be is to place pictures in this thread (as detailed as possible). Then I or another Community user could assist in the situation. It is, however, outside the service reach of us as a provider, so help here is not guaranteed. But don't let that stop you, I'll use my network to the best of my abilities!


I've instructed Ziggo to cancel my TMobile thuis subscription. With cable there should be no DSL issues. I have a month to try it and see how it works.

I understand that it's TMobile policy/agreement with the network provider and not your lack of will, but by doing so TMobile lost a client. 



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Hi @Bordignuzza , I'm sorry to hear that but I can confirm that we’ve received the request from Ziggo for the 29th of July. If there is anything else I can do for you do let me know and I wish you the best!