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My home network keeps going down. It's been happening a lot in the past two months but this week, and especially today, the connection got lost several times. Is there a fault? I am in Amsterdam West 


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I've instructed Ziggo to cancel my TMobile thuis subscription. With cable there should be no DSL issues. I have a month to try it and see how it works.

I understand that it's TMobile policy/agreement with the network provider and not your lack of will, but by doing so TMobile lost a client. 



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Hi @Bordignuzza, how unfortunate this may be, we can't send over technicians to fix bridge taps. Bridge taps are located inside the ISRA and the ISRA - please excuse me for putting this so bluntly - is the main responsibility of the homeowner. 

To explain a bridge tap more clearly: early on there were analog telephone lines and often more telephone sets were connected to them.
A line typically had a "connection factor" of 5 and a telephone usually a connection factor of 1.5 (eg T65), an additional bell: 0.5 (if I recall correctly).
All were usually "knotted" together; all devices on a line so that you could listen / talk on each (i.e. devices such as the T65 had the possibility to work together via a 4-wire connection that only has the first recorded connection). 

Getting rid of the tap itself is quite easy, however you do need to identify where the tap is located, otherwise you'll be cutting wires which needn't be cut. 

Try the following please: the two wires of a (thick) cable that merge into your two wires (four core wires of which two are used) in the ISRA-point. There is a "tap" on it; a branch (second telephone)
Find the "tap" and cut it off. Good luck! 

Can anyone reply? Network keeps going down and we can't find the loop.

Can we have someone coming over or call? 

It's been going on for months now and we  need proper support.


The picture I sent is the plug the engineer sent by TMobile has identified as the entry point of the phone cables. My understanding is that this is what you call the ISRA point, please confirm. He has done an extension (see pictures previously sent) so that we could plug the modem. 

Now, I've been asked to plug the modem directly to the ISRA point: can you let me know how do I do that? Can someone call and guide me through?

Also, is the message sent by Brian implying that the engineer has connected the wrong cables?

I am fed up with this: I don't have the time or the wish to start fiddling with cables also considering there is someone paid to do this.

My contract expires in July I am thinking to change provider and pay one that has support available.



Just one more thing.

If you look at the attached picture you'll see that there is no connection between the plug and the cables to which the extension is attached. That's why I don't understand where the loop is.




Not sure the picture was actually attached


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Hey @Bordignuzza, I’m here to help! Thanks for making the picture. I see a number of cables, but it’s not clear to me if those cables are connected to something. For example, it looks like the blue cable isn’t connected at all, is that correct? And could you please tell me where the green cables are going to? Are they connected? The reason why I ask is because this could indicate the issue. Thanks in advance for your reply! 

Neither blue nor green cables are connected.

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Hi @Bordignuzza 

Have you tried to remove the power from your modem and media converter?

There doesn't seem to be a problem.

Hi, yes I have tried that but with no luck. The network keeps going down, twice today so far.

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Hi @Bordignuzza, we’ll see to getting that fixed! By network do you main the actual physical connection, the Wifi or both? What lights are still on on the modem when it happens? If you could supply me this information then I’ll be happy to help! 

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Hi @Bordignuzza


First off, I'm on your side, I want to help you fix this situation and keep you as a happy customer. Please be aware if the ISRA is not fixed, you'll have issues with every other DSL provider there is. The best way is to make an appointment with a certified mechanic to remove the bridge tap. Another way could be is to place pictures in this thread (as detailed as possible). Then I or another Community user could assist in the situation. It is, however, outside the service reach of us as a provider, so help here is not guaranteed. But don't let that stop you, I'll use my network to the best of my abilities!

Local network meaning WiFi and local cabling is working fine so no prob with the router.

Internet and WAN led lights are off when disconnection happens. Local devices can access WiFi but there is no Internet.

I assume it is a street level issue or something related to the street cabling?


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HI @Bordignuzza, thanks for the info. So basically your Wifi disconnects several times a day and the Internet and WAN leds are off when the disconnection occurs, is that correct? I didn’t quite catch whether you have a desktop computer or laptop that’s connected via ethernet-cable or not. If that’s the case, does the wired internet-connection disconnect as well, just like Wifi does? It sounds like an issue related to either the in-house wiring or a problem in the main distribution center. No worries though, like Brian said: we’ll definitely see to getting that fixed! 

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

"So basically your Wifi disconnects several times a day and the Internet and WAN leds are off when the disconnection occurs, is that correct?"

Yes, that is correct. It started happening a couple of months ago -no issues before.

"I didn’t quite catch whether you have a desktop computer or laptop that’s connected via ethernet-cable or not."

No we do not have a device connected via ethernet cable.

A week after I first messaged here, the network has been reliable again but started going off and on again last week, worsening from Thursday onwards. 

I would appreciate your feedback as this issue is disrupting our work a lot (we have video calls etc).


Thank you!




Update: I have connected my laptop with ethernet cable and there was no internet access while the network was down. So it's not just wifi

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Hi @Bordignuzza, thank you for testing. I checked your connection and it indeed seems to be unstable. Is the modem connected directly to the ISRA (the connection point where the internet cable enters the building) or is it connected to a wall socket? If the last option is the case then is it possible to connect the modem directly (so without another router/switch) to the ISRA point with the short cable supplied by us? If this is already the case, could you tell me when the disconnects occur? Are they random or are they happening during certain peak periods like at the start of the evening for example? Let me know!


Pls see pictures attached.

The router is plugged into the white socket. However the entry point is the round green socket (ancient phone copper wire). The white socket extension was installed by a T-Mobile Engineer. 

Disruptions are more frequent during peak times but randomly in the evenings too.






Sorry, pls see photo of the white socket 


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Hi @Bordignuzza, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the installation per say. What I did notice however, is that your modem's been online for 32 days without interruption. Could you please try and reset the modem by unplugging the power cord for 20 seconds and then re-plugging it? If that still doesn't work, try to perform a factory reset. I'm sure we'll get your connection stable and up to maximum performance again! 😄


We have switched the router on and off a few times in the past two weeks and we only had a couple of disruptions. 

However today it's been really bad and the internet dropped several times already despite the router been switched off twice.

Can we get someone to come over and have a look whether the issue is on your side? It's been a long time now and it's disrupting our jobs :-(




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Hey @Bordignuzza,

I've informed our technical department right away regarding this issue. They are doing their utterly best to solve this problem for you. As soon as we know more, we'll contact you. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. But help is on the way!


Any news on when we can get someone to have a look or call?

Any chance the problem could be the router and you could send us a new one?


Internet keeps dropping, now also in the evenings.




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Hi @Bordignuzza, our experts have thoroughly analyzed your connection and they have found that a bridge tap (branching off the ISRA point) is the cause of the issues you are experiencing.

A bridge tap can be quite the disrupting factor. Fortunately, you can remove this yourself and we're happy to explain how to do it. Click here to go directly to the correct topic regarding bridge taps. This way you can solve it yourself whenever it suits you best. 

If you could you use a little help, don't hesitate to ask in the bridge tap topic. Good luck and stay safe! 💪

Hi Jason, 

Can you please book a technician to come over and fix this issue? 

The disconnections are more and more frequent and are affecting our ability to work, there's no possible action on our side as we do not have access to any connection outside of the apartament.

When will you be able to send a technician to fix this?