Ordered 3 weeks ago with T-Mobile and still no Internet!

  • 2 June 2021
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I ordered 3 weeks ago with T-Mobile and still do not have a working connection! I have been calling the Customer Service every day for the past 8 days and no one seems willing to help!

A very rude and unhelpful technician has been sent to my place to only use my bathroom and told me he couldn’t do anything! Apparently, the problem comes from KPN. He informed me I should receive an email from them last Thursday or Friday, I still haven’t received anything! 

I called the Customer Service every day since and no one is trying to call back the technician and actually ask him to do his job and/or contact KPN directly. 

My work requires a functioning Internet connection and I haven’t been offered anything to compensate for the mobile data I have been using ever since. 

Is someone actually going to do something about this issue? 


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6 reacties

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Hello @laurie.wurms 

Do you have a DSL or fiber connection and has the activation dat allready passed?

A modedaror could give you a voucher for unlimited data for a week.

Thank you for your answer @Waqqas
I have a fiber connection and the line should have been activated on the 21st of May. The problem is that I am not receiving any signal and T-Mobile is not doing anything to fix this issue. 

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Hi @laurie.wurms,

Thanks for giving me a heads-up and I am very sorry for the poor experience with our services so far. I would really like to get you into contact with the line operator KPN very soon. However, they tried to contact you for a while but weren't able to reach you. Is there a Dutch mobile phone number that I could pass to them? Please send me the phone number via a private message (click on: "stuur bericht”). With this information, I can get you in touch with them quickly!

Hi @Cal,

Thanks for your help! However, my friend, who has kindly agreed to share her Dutch mobile phone number, still has not heard of KPN. It is quite rude to make her wait while she is trying to help. 

My partner and I have decided that if this issue is not fixed by tomorrow at 17:00 we will go to the competition. This situation has become far too stressful and I cannot afford to keep on working using my mobile data. 

Please have a look into this.



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Hi @laurie.wurms 

usually getting to the competition takes longer to fix the issue. (im sorry but it is true)

If you have a T-Mobile simcard you can get unlimited data during the wait. (or get a T-Mobile prepaid card)

Usually the grid operator KPN NetwerkNL calls restricted so there is no way to call them back.

You can try to contact the grid operator on  0880 06 37 44 so the can fix the signal. 

i’m not working for T-Mobile, you recognize them with the logo behind there name

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Hi @laurie.wurms,

I am sorry for the delay! On the other hand, I am very happy that they contacted you this morning, and that a technician is coming by in 2 hours. I’m sure that the technician will be able to do a lot for you!