We have been sitting without the Internet for almost a month (5581)

Good afternoon everyone. After vain attempts to somehow move the situation off the ground, I decided to write to the forum. We moved to a new location over a month ago. The owner took the equipment of his provider and we decided to use the Internet from t-mobile. We ordered the installation of fiber optic communication on 14/07/2022, the package arrived around 20/07/2022, and they promised to install it on 26/07/2022. After clarification, the installation date has shifted to 03/08/2022. The installer arrived, and did a few manipulations that you can easily do yourself if you provide brief instructions. He said that there was no signal on the fiber, that this problem would be fixed within 2-3 working days, and they would call us. Still no calls or internet.

What do we have now. At the place of residence, catastrophically poor mobile communications and mobile Internet. My daughter is wasting time without online language and other classes. My wife is losing her salary without an online job. I`m losing my work skills without evening classes.

On the phone, we are told that our application is marked as a priority. But in fact, they cannot even tell us whether there will be Internet at all and name the date of its appearance.


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Hi @VoroNazaR,

Thanks for your message and welcome to our Community! First of all, I’m very sorry about the delay and ordeal you’ve gone through. I’d like to provide some clarity into the matter at hand as we are right on the case, as promised on the phone. 

During the installation, like you've noticed yourself, a problem has occurred with the mandatory installation. We've noticed that there's no signal been send through the access point. The grid operator which operates on the connection line, has been notified about this. KPN, the grid operator, has received our notification and are working to fix the issue as we speak. You've received an e-mail about this yesterday. Please be aware that a anonymous phone call can be made to inform you of this progress. We're working hard to fix this issue ASAP, but please know that with problems in the actual grid it can take up a few days. Because it's not a general issue, an estimation is impossible to make. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience, but be aware we treating this with the highest priority and want nothing more than getting you online right away. 

You've received an e-mail about this yesterday.

Hello Boris! Thanks for the detailed explanation. Hope the problem will be solved as soon as possible. One caveat - I did not receive any letter about the status of the problem.  Please send this letter again.

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Hi @VoroNazaR,

This is an automated e-mail send by our technical team, send to your account known to us. I assume, and forgive me if it isn't, that it's been caught in the spamfilter or folder. It's a less detailed description of the above, but if you're unable to find it, please let me know. 

I checked the spam folder in my mailbox, there is no email with problem status. There is only a letter with a report on connecting the modem dated August 3rd. And the data in the personal account on the connection has not been updated since July 20.

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Hi @VoroNazaR,

Thanks for your fast reply! I’ve just send you the e-mail again. In the meantime we’ll make sure we’re going to fix the issue ASAP. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to ask them in this topic.

Thank you, I received the letter. I also want to add - we contacted KPN support and they replied that the problem is on the side of T-Mobile. Who is right anyway?

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Hi @VoroNazaR, I completely understand why KPN would say such a thing considering we're the providing carrier, however since they're responsible for the WBA Fiber-network, they're the grid operator and thus the issue is situated within their operating boundaries. 

Do you happen to use a T-Mobile or Tele2 SIM card (prepaid or subscription)? If so, I can offer you a voucher for Unlimited Internet to bridge the gap. Then you can stay online indefinitely for at least the next seven days via mobile hotspot on PC and laptop. You also do not have to supplement this bundle, so you are not limited to just a few GB per day. Please let me know if I can sort this out for you and I'll send you a voucher code as soon as possible!

Hi, Jason! As I wrote earlier, mobile Internet is almost non-existent in the house.

Maybe you have another way to connect to the Internet - not via fiber, but via ethernet cable or coaxial cable, until the KPN solves this problem. I know that the house had internet from Ziggo.

Precious time is running out. None of the specialists called, did not check anything, did not offer anything. I think that it is not enough just to state the fact of the absence of the Internet. I am impressed with the level of service in the modern world.

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Hi @VoroNazaR, I can truly understand the options you mentioned, but this isn't something I can provide. If I could, I would! Ethernet is only possible when the connection is fixed, and coax is only something Ziggo delivers service on. Coax is only in the hands of this provider, not ours. Maybe you can check with our mobile moderates (or Tele2) to fix your mobile connection at your home? If I can help you with Unlimited Data, please let me know! When using a hotspot, you can provide other devices with internet aswell. 

Things haven't budged an inch.

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Hi @VoroNazaR


I'm sorry to hear there hasn't yet been any progress. I directly send a message to our technical support/grid operator to report back and give an update. No more than reasonable after this time. 


  • In the meantime, could you restart the Media Converter and modem (without them being connected to each other)? After about five minutes, could you connect them again using the internetcable (UTP)?
  • Could you also check the dipswitches on the Media Converter and make sure 3 and 4 are on, while the rest is down?
  • If there's no connection, could you make a picture of the Media Converter or tell me which light are on/off/blinking?


Thanks in advance!

Hi, @Sander!

It's a miracle. Tell your boss to give you a cash bonus. On my converter, pins 1 and 6 were enabled, not 3 and 4. Thank you so much for the expert response that made the whole family happy. Internet has been working since yesterday.

It's a shame that because of two pins my family lost several hundred euros, a month of time and a huge amount of nerves. I don't understand why you can't include good instructions and a checklist for the engineer and the customer along with all the settings in the package.

By the way, in my personal account, the status remains the same - the package is on the way. I hope for compensation at least in the form of an extended discount for a year.

In any case, thanks a lot!

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Hi @VoroNazaR,


Great to hear you're online now, that's excellent news! 


As for the status, this will be adjusted once the administration is updated. I expect this to take a few days before all is corrected. 


I understand the start of your order was less than to be desired. No worries, you won't have to pay for the period from August 3rd to August 23rd. bear in mind that this is a private (not business) order. We only give compensation in the form of a correction for the days you were offline. Since this issue was at the start and as goodwill I will offer something more: the activation costs will be deleted. You will find these costs ànd the correction on your first invoice. 


I hope you enjoy your new internet!

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Hi @VoroNazaR,


(...)As for the status, this will be adjusted once the administration is updated. I expect this to take a few days before all is corrected. (...)


Status is updated!