Installation of T-Mobile voor thuis

  • 13 January 2023
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If you want to waste your time and think you have the mental capacity to have to work to get your internet connection set up, then by all means go with T-Mobile Thuis.


Not only will they falsely advertise your apartment/house as already having a fibre optic installed in your apartment, only to inform you otherwise once you’ve finished setting up the contract, you will also have to actively call T-Mobile customer service for the nth time until they get the correct third-party provider for you to have to have to contact yourself for them to install the fibre optic. It wouldn’t be as satisfying if T-Mobile - the internet provider - does this for you. 

Mind you, T-Mobile will not inform you that you have to actively set up a meeting with the third party fibre glass installer yourself. As a good T-Mobile customer, you would have to Google this yourself, because you are such a good T-Mobile customer. Only customers who actively work for their internet are welcome. Those who are not willing to waste half of their week calling different customer service will probably have to wait until their deathbeds before they ever get their first Thuis invoice.


If, in the meantime, you need data from your T-Mobile phone (because you decided that the Thuis + Phone made great sense!), then don’t expect any help from them, because that will take the whole fun out of billing you for additional GBs that you should have thought of when you started your contract with them. Because, as a good T-Mobile customer you should have known that internet isn’t a given in the Netherlands, and thought of this ahead of time.


Now that you’re nearing your [insert number here] month without internet, don’t expect any calls/updates from T-Mobile, their third-party provider nor the third-party provider of the third-party provider (who knew outsourcing could be such fun!), as this is a great exercise for good T-Mobile customers to turn into complete jerks towards customer service workers, who aren’t really to blame, but are the only people they can vent their frustrations towards. How cool!


Now be a good T-Mobile customer and go waste more of your time and T-Mobile minutes for them, because they sure as H won’t call you back.

2 reacties

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Well, with hundreds of new customers per month it is definatly not the experience which is everywhere the same. 

The connection with me was seamless. After ordering it was all up and running within 4 weeks. 

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Hi @pishoune, I wish I would have read a different experience! I'm really sorry for the situation. Please know that we always do our best to help everybody as good as possible. If there is anything else that I can do for you, just let me know. I really hope we can turn your feelings into positive feelings as soon as you can enjoy your connection.