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  • 10 January 2018
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I need o change an appointment with KPN. Problems with the internet conexion between the street ans my house

The problem is that, when I call to KPN to change it, they tell me that they can not do this because I am not their client so they can not see my data, the solution is call to Tmobile to solve it.

And when I call to Tmobile they tell me that I have to call to KPN to change the appointment, because they cannot do that

And now,after two days trying to change an appointment I am in the same situation... I don´t know what to do
Any idea?

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Hi mavipe, there's an appointment made with a KPN mechanic for today (15-01) at 18:00 o' clock. Is this the appointment you want to change? If so then let me know so I can contact KPN to schedule a new appointment!
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Hi Mavipe,

Yes frusterating! You can not call KPN because you don't have the correct number. The numbers on the internet are from ISP KPN and you need a other department. Only T-Mobile can contact KPN Wholesale to change that.