How to change all the hardware provided by T-mobile?

  • 25 March 2018
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I have a 3 floors city house.
ground floor = storage
1st floor = main room
2sd floor = bedrooms
I have got tmobile thuis glassfiber installed 2 weeks ago.
The modem with glass fiber connection (WAN + SFP) (VIGOR 2132FVN WIRELESS GLASVEZEL ROUTER) has been installed into the electrical cabinet on the ground floor. As such all the possible LAN connections are only reachable from the electrical cabinet. So this is not practical at all.
On the first floor, a wifi repeater has been installed (fritz). the coverage of this device is okish for the first floor. Although it is a shame to pay for a 750Mbps abonnement and have only access to 20-80Mbps via the wifi in the main room... but beyond the coverage, i cannot plug any network cable to this repeater.
But where the installation is really limiting is about having wifi on the second floor. there is hardly any signal on the second floor.
so all in all, i would like to get some recommendations about hardware modification / change to do for maximizing the use of the glassfiber abonnement.
Can a WAN / SFP to RJ45 converter be installed into the electrical cabinet? and then can a modem-router (with wifi feature) with a regular LAN input instead of the WAN / SFP input be provided by T-mobile so that i can install it on the first floor (and hence have several network connections available, wifi strength of a stand alone modem-router? ultimately i would install the wifi repeater on the second floor.

if this is not possible, could you please advise otherwise?

by the way, i cannot install the current modem-router on the first floor since i only have 1 RJ45 cable going from the electrical cabinet to the 1st room. I do not want to install a glass fiber cable instead.

thanks in advance for the advises!

Kind regards

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Dear Olivier,

Modem placement in the electrical cabinet is not optimal for Wifi but the problem is that networking companies deliver fibre in this cabinet, I also don't know why they do this.

A practical solution for you is maybe the use of powerline adapters like this one for 3 floors and including RJ45 outlets:

Kind regards, Folkert
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"by the way, i cannot install the current modem-router on the first floor since i only have 1 RJ45 cable going from the electrical cabinet to the 1st room. I do not want to install a glass fiber cable instead."

One cable wil not be enough. T-mobile uses separate signals for internet and tv. You can install a sc-sc cable alongside the Cat cable to your living room. The modem wil than be close to al connections. I did the same thing as the installer gave me that advise. I use the Cat cable that was already in my electric cabinet to place my NAS.

Its wel worth the effort and you already have a path created with your Cat cable.

The picture i my situation. The modem is in my living room. One TV in the bedroom one in the living room.
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Hi Caliber,

Yes you can install a media convertor to switch from fiber to Ethernet and install a Router like the TP-Link Acer C7 on the ethernet cable. i use this device and got a good coverage and 450Mbit on WiFi. I made a topic about it. The "downside" is you lose the phone landline.

If you have any questions Please ask :)

There is a possibility to use VLANS so you only need one cable. but i advice the TP-Link. Also it is not possible to get 750Mbit on WiFi.
Hi All,
thanks a lot for the various feedback. it helps a lot.
I will update the post when i have updated my set-up.
Kind regards
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Hello Olivier,

Is the Fritz repeater connected to the modem with an utp cable? For glas modems a 1750e repeater should be connected with a utp cable. Also if the 1750 is installed central on the first floor, the wifi on the 2nd floor should be possible. The 1750 repeater has also 5ghz, and should reach much higher speeds. The 1750 should configured with separate wifi names for 2.4 and 5 ghz, so you can choose the 5ghz. If the utp cable is on the 1st floor you also can put a gigabit switch in between, so you can connect more devices to internet.
Hi All,
small updates from my side:
I have installed the media converter TP-Link MC2200L I already had into the electrical cabinet on the ground floor.
Then I have installed an TP-Link Archer C3150 (huge price discount recently on into the main room / 1st floor (see the screen shot attached for the advanced settings to be used, they match 100% with Hidden.nld's settings recommendations for the TP-Link Acer C7). Both devices are connected by the RJ45 cable pre-installed in my house.

results are amazing!!!

>650Mbps speed in the leaving room with a wired connection.
wifi is above 300Mps in the leaving room.

the irony of the story, with just the C3150 on the first floor, in my entire house I can get >10Mps wifi speed in any corner of any floor of the 3 floors.
if i pair the Fritz repeater (located either on ground or top floor) to the C3150, I lose wifi signal in some corners.... of both ground and top floors.

I hope this tuto can help other customers from T-mobile to enjoy the glass fiber speed T-mobile provides at a very competitive price as opposed to other providers.
And I hope T-mobile can soon provide a more flexible Hardware package fitting better customers' house configurations.

Kind regards

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Hi Olivier,

Nice to see you push it to the max :)
The best way to test the connection is with the desktop app.
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Hi Oulyve, good to hear you've achieved such fantastic speeds with the help of our community! Thank you for the feedback in this regard, we are always looking at ways to improve our service and wifi support is definitely something that has our attention!
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"wifi is above 300Mps in the leaving room."

Very nice. I have my router in the living room and even when i stand 1 meter away i only get 50Mbps.

Anybody have ant idea why that could be?

When i test my wired internet speed with de app from '' i get speeds of 830Mbps with spikes up to 920Mbps.
very nice to see a media converter works on the t-mobile network. I currently have a router in my room upstairs hooked up to the modem by the cat 5e cable that came in the installation box. and I use a powerline adapter to get the tv signal upstairs (since it doesn't use too much bandwidth). both tv and the internet connection work as advertised, allthough i dont have the most beatifull setup (cables running in sight) it works fine for a student house 🙂