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  • 9 October 2017
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I am in this ridiculous situation and maybe someone here will have an advice. I have ordered Tmobile thuis, at the end of August. Everything went well, I have received the package and then surprise, my house does not have a connection needed for the internet. So I call technician, he comes, confirms that indeed Tmobile is not able to provide the service under this address. So its logical that now I cancel the contract and search for a new provider. I tried to call customer service several times: I am either put in the line for more than 30 minutes or, even more ridiculous, I am told by machine that I am not calling within opening hours (I obviously do), IS THERE ANYONE WORKING THERE? Finally, after three days I get an answer on facebook: sorry I cannot help, go to the shop. So I did: Hoogezand in Winkelcenter. There, I am being told: sorry we cannot help: you must call!

I am done with it, it took me 14 days without internet, struggling to contact anyone competent, and I failed. What do I do now? I just got an email welcoming me in Tmobile thuis' and mentioning my bills to pay. I want to fill in an official complaint about the service, but before I do that, I need someone to finally take care of my issue!

Any other ideas how I can resolve it?

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Hi jhlawton, apologies for the late reply! I Immediately checked what I can do to help and it seems you managed to contact one of my colleagues by phone. One of our technicians will contact you (hopefully today) to make an appointment to resolve this matter. My apologies for the delay and if you have any questions feel free to ask!