20GB per day on 4G LTE - best option with T Mobile?

  • 27 February 2022
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hello folks, 

I 'll be in the Netherlands for 6-8 weeks soon.

I have a mobile router 4G/LTE (with no sms or voice capability) so just need some kind of internet data package (or subscription) with a pre-activated sim. Out in the wilds, so the local mobile data connection is only T mobile.

I 'll be using 20GB (or more) a day for online video calls etc. so I need an unlimited always full speed (not t mobile throttled) connection. 

I 've not been able to get much direct help on unlimited high-speed data without t-mobile  throttling and reducing speeds, so reaching out into the community.

Best to get a 1 year unlimited contract? or Best to buy a sim-only and pay daily unlimited rates?

Looking forward to your experience and support!



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T-Mobile has Unlimited data subscriptions. 

Everyday 10gb startbundle and when finished, the speed is throttled and you can order Unlimited free bundle boosters per 2gb.

A 'never' finished data product is not avalible in the consumer market. There are business propositions in the market which do have this avalible. These are priced €100-€130 euro per month and you need a 'kamer van koophandel ' registration 

Thanks Eric

That is good to know that the High-Speed limit is 10GB on the ‘unlimited’ Abo!

I couldn’t find that info anywhere I looked, so much appreciated.


I was wondering about that compared to

With a pre-paid each day Unlimited Data Today Bundle

Do you know if that ‘Unlimited Data Today Bundle’ has the same 10GB throttling?




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Yes, all 'unlimited' propostions have the 10Gb daily Fair Use Policy. All propositions can be topped up with 2Gb boosters free of charge. 

Could a fixed internet connection be a possibility? Than you have no worries on the amount of data.


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Unlimited for a day does not have 10 GB at the start of every day, see this page.


If you decide to take an unlimited subscription or 4G voor Thuis then you will have a contract period of 1 or 2 years, if you end the contract after 6-8 weeks than you'll have to pay for the remainder of the contract.


Unlimited for a day does not have 10 GB at the start of every day, see this page.


If you decide to take an unlimited subscription or 4G voor Thuis then you will have a contract period of 1 or 2 years, if you end the contract after 6-8 weeks than you'll have to pay for the remainder of the contract.

Thanks for the info Waqqas.

Fixed /wired internet isn’t an option unfortunately, as I will be moving around.

I was ok to take a 1 year abo, as long as I got 20GB at full speed. 

But, as you and Eric point out, I now know that only 10GB full speed a day is given on any ‘unlimited’ option.


(I am using a powerful but sealed 4G LTE data only modem, so cannot receive ‘top up’ sms notifications because it has no sms option/screen, but I can check online in MyTMobile site/app)


So, it looks like I will go with:

- Pre-paid Data Sim Only option (no 1y/2y contract)​​​​​​​

+ Start each day with an ‘Unlimited Data Today Bundle’ (10GB max) purchase

+ And then top up with another ‘Unlimited Data Today Bundle’ (10GB max) when I need it that day … etc. etc.


With your experience, do you think that this will work?

Can you ‘top up’ two (or more) ‘Unlimited Data Today’ bundles in one day to a Pre-Paid Sim?


I know it has been a lot of questions, but I really appreciate the help from people who know the system!





Thanks Eric and Waqqas, 


Fixed is not an option unfortunately, as I will be traveling.


So,  a  'Daily Unlimited Data' bundle on Pr e-Paid is really a 10GB  data bundle.

What I cou ld not find was if this is all  10GB all Full Speed, or (for example) something like 5GB Full Speed ​​100 Mbps and then 5GB throttled (slowed down) to 256Kbps.


If I assume it is really 10GB @ 100 Mbps Full Speed ​​, then It look s like I 'll be going with:

- Pre Paid Data Sim only

- Start the day with a daily top up with 'Daily Unlimited Data ' bundle (limited to 10GB )

- add on another 'Daily Unlimited Data ' bundle (limited to 10GB ) during the day when the first one runs out, and so on ...


I guess this will work?

Unless there is a limit to the number of 'Daily Unlimited Data' bundles you can activate in one day?


Thanks for helping me out with this so far, local knowledge from real users very much appreciated!



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Hi @IR99 

First of all, an early welcome to the Netherlands and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

As I understand your question correctly you’re looking for an unlimited LTE connection at 100Mb/s through your travels.To be honest, I don’t think that’s possible. Well, the 100Mb/s part that is. The main reason is that with LTE, as with all wireless connections, the speed totally depends on how busy the network itself is and your physical location. However, to my personal experience you should get a 50Mb/s connection anyway though.

Now to the unlimited part. If it really can be called unlimited is up to debate but the 10GB Eric and Waqqas are referring to is just what you get without sending sms-es. With an unlimited prepaid you can just send a sms to request an extra 2GB if you’ve used the 10GB. You can do this free of charge as much as you want. It’s just a protection to stop people from using torrents over LTE for example.

The best advise I can give you, since your said your router can’t send sms, is to leave your router at home. When you’re over here just walk into a T-Mobile shop, ask for a prepaid sim and have them load a pepaid voice/sms bundle on it and on top of it an unlimited data bundle. Then use your phone as a hotspot. 

Thanks Marty-J for the welcome and the advice. I finally get the 10GB+2GB thing now, and 50Mbps will be good enough.

I’ll be VC online using e.g. zoom/skype with e.g. UN folks from my camper, which is already kitted out with a 4G/LTE modem/booster kit.
This has worked fine in other countries.
It really makes a big difference to reception/data flow in low-coverage areas, for example ups from a flakey 1bar phone signal to a 3bar one, so I’m reluctant to drop it and use just a phone.

(New hardware like a Nighthawk mobile router would be a bit steep too, though I guess that I may have to invest eventually for 5G)

Just a thought - do you happen to know if I can send/receive TMobile carrier sim sms/texts via other means? Do they have a web sms interface and/or app/cockpit that can do do the same request/activation thing?


hoping you or others might know!







Hello Folks, 

Thanks for all your help.

I have my answer now  that a combination of your answers will work - great ideas folks.

- Buy Pre-Pay Sim and First Data  Bundle

- Put Sim in an old phone

- Activate Sim

- Set up T-Mobile App/Account with that number on old phone

- Take Activated Sim out of old phone

- Put Activated Sim in Modem Device

- Use old phone to manage new Sim Bundles via T-Mobile App/ or via Account on Web using live router wifi.

I really appreciated all of your help in getting to this solution.