Unlimited internet while waiting for specialist (sms dos not deliver)

  • 30 October 2022
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Hello, we been customers of T-Mobile and just arrived on the new location, so new Wi-Fi installation will be on Tuesday afternoon, and for tomorrow I received an email with instructions how to get unlimited internet though sms. 

But, while I’m sending code to number 2244 it does not deliver. I check number and code twice. Still does not work. Tomorrow is Monday and I need to have internet really ASAP. 

Please, contact me.


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Hello @Dari 

Do you have enough balance to send a sms? To send a sms it'll cost you €0,15.

Yes, I already spoke with the T-mobile manager and the reason is that I have lebara. Only if you have a SIM card you can send messages to 2244 and get unlimited internet. But last week and 2 weeks before non of the managers told me this so now I will be waiting for compensation (as I have to work and will be using my personal data).


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The service they offer is unlimited data via mobile vouchers and mend for when an error occurs on an internet connection. This is normally not mend to overcome the waiting time for a new connection.  Technically this works on Tele2, T-Mobile and BEN sim. The only financial compensation is when you go to a T-Mobile shop and buy a prepaid simcard to be able to use the unlimited data on your phone. 

Yeah, thank you.

I don’t know how is it normally, but I applied for moving more than a month in advance and they didn’t have available time to install the home internet on date I needed and I ask how can we fix it. 

They told me to contact Guidion and see if they can find a available spot via phone. If no, I needed to come back to them and gave the number of my case and they will give me voucher. 

In the end 2 managers sow my contact and personal data and nobody told me that it will not work via lebara SIM. Just said it will work easy and fine. 😀

If I knew it in advance I will not have this uncomfortable issue. 🥲