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  • 10 March 2019
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Hi, In the form of transfer request I couldn't fine provider NLE, so I had to select another provider NEM and because there was not any text field with setting comment I am creating this question. Please correct the form of transfer for address De Vroomedijk 32 and update you form to support all internet provider including NLE.

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Hi @Griga,

Good question! First of all: welcome!😄 Like @Hidden.nld said, for NLE you need to select provider NEM. Now we know that we need to make sure that your contract at NLE needs to be terminated. I've just checked your Overstapdossier and we need a bit more information from you though, in order for us to do so. You can give us all the information we need through your My T-Mobile Thuis account. Once you've done that, we will let NLE know that you would like to terminate your contract with them. You will also receive a confirmation via e-mail, so you know for sure that we have all the information we need. Good luck! If you do have any other questions, let us know. We're always here for you! ❤️
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Hi, NEM is the old name of NLE. so that is correct.
login to my t mobile an submit your nle contract ditails.
both partys have to support the overstap service in order to work. some providers do not allow the new provider to cancel the contract on behave of the customer. you can still transver but the cancelation has do be done by the customer.