Received DSL modem, but have only COAX connection

  • 30 September 2017
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Hi all!
Moved to new apartment where Ziggo modem is connected by owner, but I decided to get T-mobile. So a day ago I finally received the box with DSL modem, and started to install it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any telephone cable connection / ISRA punt, neither in the meterkast, nor in the living room. Ziggo modem is connected via COAX cable, and therefore it seems that it is not compatible with DSL.
Any ideas what to do in this situation? Does T-Mobile provide a modem with COAX-connection? Or switching to Ziggo is the only possibility?

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Hi Sergey, first of all welcome to T-Mobile Thuis and congratulations on your apartment! I just checked your order and the KPN technician is planned to install your internet connection this Friday. You should have received a letter with your order which states the exact date and time on which you can expect the technician. Like Hidden.nld said you can usually find the ISRA in the hall closet with the gas and electricity meters or in a corner of the living room close to the street.

If you do not have an ISRA point but the connecting cable from the street is present in your apartment then the technician will install an ISRA point free of charge. If the connection cable is not present or not accessible by the technician then you can choose to pay for the realisation of the cable. The costs will depend on the situation at the apartment. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!
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Hi Sergey,

Some times the KPN connection is in a odd location. If you received the modem it means there is a KPN ISRA registered at your address. sometimes the isra is in the crawlspace. but usually it is on the wall at the front of the home. If you can't call you can ask T-Mobile if the can give a hint (sometimes there is a note in the system where the isra is) if you can't find it at all the will send some one to fix it.