no internet connection after installation

  • 2 January 2020
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I received the modem in middle December and installed everything as the video mentiones. The house is a new, so there was no need to make any complicated installation, just conect the DSL cable to the wall connection. 
On Dec. 31st I receive a message saying that my connection date was moved to Dec. 31st - 6pm, and that I could enjoy Wifi from that day. we waited but nothing happened. Until today we still don’t have any connection. Wifi signal is ok, but the modem doesn’t receive internet. 

It’s being really difficult to contact T-Mobile, because everytime I call the customer support number, as it is only in dutch the machine doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say, and it doesn’t give and english menu option. I NEED HELP!




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Hi @Dliro22 

In your T-mobile thuis account does it still say bestelling in behandeling?

No, I’m adding a picture of the status. 


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Hey @Dliro22,

I've arranged for you that you can make an appointment with an engineer. He will visit you your house and help you with the installation of your T-Mobile Thuis package. You can contact our engineer department (Guidion) on the following number: 088-2000 151 and make an appointment. If there is anything else I can do for you, let me know! 

Thank you! I’ll contact them!


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Hi @Dliro22 Did you make an appointment yet? If not, you can use the appointment tool sent to you by e-mail and text message or dial their telephone number. Let me know if you need help, I'll be here till 5:30 PM! :smile:

Hi! I had to call, the link wouldn’t let me! Every time I tried, it gave me the same message. 

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Ooph that’s not very convenient, sorry for the drawback! Glad to hear it’s been dealt with by phone. :grinning:

Still no internet. On Saturday finally, a Technician came and fixed one problem. 
But apparently we never had the internet activated. He called someone so they would come and activate everything within the next 24 - 48 hours, and said they would call us as soon as this is done. 
We never receive the call, and we still don’t have internet. 
So, the modem already receives the internet signal, but the light that indicates the internet status remains red. 
We’ve tried unplugging it several times, and resetting it, and nothing. 
I call customer support, and they said that back office will take care of this, and fix this today because apparently the problem comes from KPN. They said I would receive a phone call from them telling me that it was fixed, But I receive am SMS instead, for a NEW TECHNICIAN APPOINTMENT FOR ANOTHER DAY!!!   I need a solution for today! and that T-mobile stop sending me requests for appointments and not solving anything!! I was supposed to have internet on Dec 31st!! it’s already been 13 days! 

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Hi @Dliro22, when we contact KPN they will determine what the best solution is. In most cases they restore your connection remotely but in some cases they need to send a mechanic over. So you can make an appointment with the technician from KPN and you will be online in no-time!