Toestel gestolen activeren simkaart

  • 6 November 2022
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hello, I had my phone stolen abroad. I asked for a new sim card that i got on my mail. My flatmate brought me the new sim card to me in Spain (where I am staying for a few months). I can’t activate the new sim card cause I need to do that through a bank… which I cannot access cause is connected with my old phone (and the old sim card). It is impossible therefore to activate the card that way. I really need to get new access to my card since everything I have is linked to that number. I manage to get a new phone but I am stuck now.. please, helpe what do i do ? It is impossible for me to go to the netherlands right now just for this.





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Hi @carles 

I’m so sorry to hear that your phone was stolen. I would like to if I can be of any assistance. Could you send me a private message with your 06-number, name, birth-date, full address, last 4 numbers of your IBAN, your old simcard number and your new simcard number? If you click on my name you see the option ‘’stuur bericht’’. 

Looking forward to your message!