How do I terminate my contract when I no longer live in the Netherlands?

  • 28 March 2024
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I have been leaving from the Netherlands for a long time, and I have tried many ways to contact you, but I still can't get in touch with you. I have been receiving my bill, but I have not used this card for almost a year, so I was wondering how I should terminate/cancel my contract now that I no longer live in the Netherlands? I can pay the bills, but I have to cancel my contract immediately. I also sent a lot of emails, but I didn't get a valid reply, so I really need your help.


Beste antwoord door Jingyi 4 April 2024, 14:20

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Hello @Jingyi , welcome to our Community! No worries, I'll be happy to look into this for you and of course look with you for a solution! 

I saw that you had already sent a private message with your number. In addition, I see that your subscription is already cancelable. The end date of your contract is 28-9-2023. After that you can cancel your subscription monthly. It is important that if you want to cancel your subscription, this is always communicated to us. We have not yet received your cancellation. I can process this for you. Please note that you always have one month's notice with us.

However, I see that you have not paid some invoices and I suspect, because your bank is no longer active. This amount must be paid before you can cancel. It concerns an outstanding amount of € 177.90. You can pay the amount using the iDeal button in your My Odido account: The payment will be processed within an hour. 

You can also transfer the amount manually to our account number: NL03 COBA 0733 959 717 in the name of Odido. Always mention your customer number in the description (you can find this on your invoice), so we can link the payment to your account and process it. It then takes about 3 business days before the amount is processed in your account. Once the amount is processed, I can process the cancellation for you! 

Will that work? Once you have paid, I will have to wait for the amount to be processed in your account. If you then want to comment in this topic, I can check for you if the amount has been processed and once that is the case, I can process the cancellation for you! 

Good morning,Pharwin,

Thank you for your reply!I entrusted my friend to transfer the that amount to the account you provided yesterday. Could you please help me check whether it has been received? If it takes three days, I can wait now. But I want to tell you that I have transferred the money, so I want to know if I can start the process of terminating the contract immediately, because this matter has been bothering me for too long, so I don't want to wait any longer! I hope you can understand me, and thank you again for your help.


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Hi Jingyi, so nice to hear that your friend helped you with the payment! I completely understand that you want to cancel your subscription as soon as possible. No worries, we're going to do this for you. I've checked your account, and we haven't received the payment yet, but that's understandable as it usually takes 3 days. I have made a note for you in my calendar, so I will check your account on Monday. The payment should be received by then, and I will get to work for you. 

For now, I wish you a great weekend and I will talk to you soon! 😄

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Hi Jingyi, I hope you had a great weekend! I've checked your account, and I don't see the incoming payments. Could you please check with your friend if they did it (correctly)? 😊

  • Odido
  • NL03 COBA 0733 959 717
  • Amount: € 177,90
  • Subscription: 1.21007202 (customer code)

Hey Marco,

I just checked the transfer of money doesn’t have any mistake(28th or March)

here is the screenshot of transfer.

could u please check it again later 🥹I think it’s because bank transfer take few days to arrive and maybe also because the paasdag vacation 


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Hi Jingyi, who's Marco? 😉

Thanks for the screenshot. Indeed, everything looks good. I assume it might take a bit longer with the Holiday weekend. Let's check it again in a few days! 

Hey Marciano,

Sorry for my typing mistake. Thank you so much!!


Hey Marciano,

Did you get payment since today is already  Thursday ?🥹


thank you so much !!!

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Hi Jingyi, thanks for the reminder, and yes, I see the payment incoming, and it has been processed! I cancelled your subscription immediately - free of charge - and I just sent you a confirmation per e-mail as well. Did you receive it? Everything is okay now, and I wish you a great stay abroad! 😁

Ps. I see that you received an e-mail about Prevental on the same day the payment came in, so you can simply ignore it!