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  • 26 November 2021
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You are the worst company that i have ever seen. I ordered my mobile 13 pro max before more than a month. it was the delivering time from 3 to 4 weeks and then changed from 6 to 8 weeks. Yesterday i got email from AMP that i can make appointment in order to deliver my mobile but the earliest date is 14 december so i have to wait 3 weeks more. I called them they said you can cancel it, so after more than one month of waiting  you say now cancel it , i don’t know what the *** is going with you?:rolling_eyes:


Beste antwoord door Gilbert 26 November 2021, 10:37

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2 reacties

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@Ammar Ali 

Gilbert already pointed out our house rules for you to follow, so I'll trust that any messages in the future will be compliant to the house rules.

He is also gave you a good answer on the delayed deliveries and we also have a topic with the terms of delivery. Since there is already a topic on this matter, this topic will be closed.

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First of all, welcome on the forum. Please keep it civil, and avoid cursing, it's against the houserules.

Now about your question. It's not just T-Mobile that has issues with deliveries. I was recently in a different store, and they were telling a customer that it is very difficult to get stock of the iPhone 13 at the moment. What they meant when you called is that you are free to wait untill december, but that you are also free to cancel if you would like to order somewhere else where the phone is available. But that is totally up to you. This is an issue that plagues more than just T-Mobile, and is out of their control.