IPhone 14 pro 256.

  • 25 October 2022
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From 20 days ago.  My friend and I ordered the same phone with the same specifications, but there is a difference in the place of delivery.  In other words, he identified the receiving branch near him in the same city.  Since one day my friend received his phone.  But there is no update for my phone yet.  Can you explain that please.


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Yes, I am sure that I entered the order number correctly. And getting the order number means that I placed the order correctly

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Hi @Ali123 

Can you send me a private message with your order number? I will check the status. You can click on my name and choose the option ‘’stuur bericht’’. 


I have sent u the order number in private

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Hello @Ali123 

Did you choose for home delivery or collect from a nearby branche? You can check the order status here :

I have checked the order status and l saw that it is (Geen bestelling gevonden) does this mean it is not ready yet.  is not it?

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Hmm, you sure you filled in the ordernumber correct? It means rhat there is no order found.