Replace Zyxel T50

  • 7 June 2020
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I hope that English is ok, I am struggling to find answers in Dutch and hope that someone here can help us.


We have been having a lot of issues with the Zyxel T50, internet cutting a lot, huge lag spikes, sometimes unable to connect at time. I have contacted the support the few times but appart from doing a hard reset they have unfortunately not been of much help. We could get another replacement but it just seems like the modem/router is of low quality and I would rather just pay a bit more and replace it myself.


It seems that I could buy a router such as the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 to replace the router aspect of the Zyxel T50 but from what I understand I would still need a separate modem. Here I don’t seem to be able to find what I am looking for? Anu suggestion is appreciated, we are on DSL.


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Hi @mdechamp,


We're here to help! Please be advised that we can only support the official modem in case of downtime or other supportrealted issues, but otherwise you're free to use another modem. This topic will help you with some details (in Dutch): Eigen modem bij DSL.


Another option is to place another modem after the Zyxel, like Waqqas says. This has some downsides (NAT behind NAT and you can only use it as a router). 


Hope this helps your quest!


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Hallo @mdechamp 

Use the Zyxel aswell with your Netgear and configure DMZ in your zyxel so all data traffic is sent to your Netgear otherwise you'll need a router with a DSL port.