New customer is waiting for connection since October 2023

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Hi. I’d like to report current status of my internet and TV subscription that I have ordered.

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I ordered an internet connection on October 15, 2023. As for today 08/07/2024 I still don’t have an internet.

In February 2024 a constructor company has installed fiber optic cable and two boxes installed inside my apartment. And that’s all, since then nothing has changed.

I called Odido and KPN network ( and they told me that I need to wait for one more appointment with the technical specialist. “We cannot deregister addresses where an alarm light is on on the NT. In order to be able to register the address correctly, a measuring appointment will be scheduled as soon as all outdoor work has been completed. The resident will automatically receive a message about this.”

04/03/2024 a technic came to my apartment and told that everything is fine inside my apartment, the problem is outside: “in the central server room someone needs to connect my apartment to the main switch”.

3 month have passed and nothing have changed.
18.06.2024 a new technic came to my apartment to install the equipment but I showed him that I have already equipment in my apartment. He was surprised by this fact. Then he measured connection and told me that the problem is not in my apartment, but outside. In the central server room someone needs to connect my apartment to the main switch. So again the situation is the same.
He told it’s an easy job and will be done on one week. After it’s done the red light on my equipment should disappear. 
Two weeks have passed and still nothing is changed. I can see the red light on my equipment. This mean it’s not connected to the server.
So since February I have fiber optic cable and two boxes installed inside my apartment and that’s all. See attached photo. 

What should I do to be finally connected to the internet?



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Hi @V_Kot I can imagine that you want to use the fiber as soon as possible. I'm sorry to hear that you're still waiting. I have checked your application and it seems that the fiber is not ready in your area yet and the state is indirectly orderable. So it still can take up some time to deliver. 

I have checked with our technical service, and they gave your order a little push. Hopefully this helps a bit! They also asked if the equipment that you have is a Genexis or Nokia ONT/Media Converter? Can you confirm or deny? 

If this is indeed a Genexis or Nokia ONT, you don't need it and you can turn it off (this is only suitable for WBA fiber GPON network). You will receive a Huawei XGSPON ONT instead. The one that you have now, is not suitable for our network (ODF XGSPON). The best thing you can do, is contact KPN NetwerkNL again and ask for the new equipment and make the appointment again. Otherwise it won't work with our network. This might also explains the red light on it. 

Hi @Demi van Odido and thank you for your quick answer! Yes, I’m very disappointed with so long waiting time for the connection especially when there is no clear reason given what is wrong and when it will be fixed. As I mentioned above during every rear visit of a technic specialist they say the problem is that the signal is low during the measurements and this means that my apartment is not connected to the central server. But they also say it’s easy and fast to fix.

Regarding my existing equipment:

I have white box that encapsulates the fiber cable and a black box from Nokia G-010G-R (see the picture 1). 

Last time when a technical came (18.06.2024) he was going to install a new black box equipment (it was also from Nokia, but different shape, see picture 2), but was’t able to do it because the white box is locates to low to the floor and there was not enough space. So he told me he should active my existing black box equipment online and took a photo of the serial number. And he also told that I should receive a modem from Odido as a last equipment to have the internet.

So my current Nokia Optical Network Terminal (ONT) G-010G-R on the picture 1 is not suitable for Odido network (ODF XGSPON) ? I should ask KPN Netwerk ( to replace it with Huawei XGSPON ONT?

Thanks a lot for your help!

PICTURE 1. My current Nokia ONT




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Hello @V_Kot 

The current Nokia you got is for GPON on KPN WBA, the Nokia on photo 2 is for XGSPON on KPN WBA.

Odido will send you a Huawei XGSPON ONT.

@Waqqas thanks for jumping in. I’m confused. I only understand that my current Nokia ONT G-010G-R  is not suitable.

But do I need:

  • XGSPON WBA network Nokia ONT equipment from photo 2


  • XGSPON ODF network Huawei ONT equipment mentioned by @Demi van Odido 
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@Demi van Odido said that you are on KPN ODF so you will need the Huawei XGSPON ONT but Odido sends these and Guidion will come to install it according to me..

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The type of ont depends on the network in your area. Since Demi mentions you'll need a Huawei, your fiber will be connected to odidos own equipment in the pop (central server room as you called it). If there was only kpn equipment in the pop you would use the Nokia, because odido would then rent the KPN equipment. 


Because the fiber network is owned by kpn, they usually install a Nokia or genexis when they install the network, since that's what they use when your fiber gets connected to their equipment. 

Now that you have the Nokia installed, it's customary that kpn wants to make sure the connection between the pop and your house is working before they allow others, like odido, to rent it for services. Since the alarm light is on, it sounds like there is no signal on the ONT at all, which could point to a problem with your fiber. This will then cause KPN to not rent out the fiber to odido untill they got it all working. 


Calling KPN to ask for a Huawei ont will not work. Odidos installation mechanic(Guidion) needs to install this. Usually one of two things happen:

1. Odido orders Guidion to make an appointment with you after KPN "delivers" (connects to the right equipment) your fiber. Guidion will the install the Huawei ont and the router in your home to connect you to the Internet.

2. Kpn tells odido that it is alright for odido to connect your fiber in the pop themselves. Odido will then order Guidion to make an appointment with you. During this appointment, Guidion will first go to the pop to connect your fiber, and then finish the installation in your house.


To make a long story very short: sounds like you need to wait for KPN to fix whatever is wrong before odido can do anything. Once kpn tells odido they can use the fiber, odido will sent out Guidion to install the right ONT and your router at your home. 

 @Okidokidough thanks for explanation. But I was waiting patiently since February and I have a filling that nothing is moving forward. That’s why I’ve created this post here to get some understanding what is going wrong. When KPN technics are coming they keep telling that all is fine in my apartment, but the equipment needs to be connected in the pop as you told. And after that nothing happens.

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Hi @V_Kot, I have checked everything for you and you don't have to worry, nothing is going wrong. At this moment the construction on the Fiber network is still not finished, this is also the reason why you are still unable to receive a working connection. As soon as the network administrator notifies us that the Fiber line will be ready for use, we will send you the correct equipment. At that moment you will also receive an email from Guidion to make an appointment with a technician. They will make sure that everything is installed correctly and that all the equipment works the way that it should. The technician will also make sure that the Internet contract will be activated. I don't have an expected date of when all of this will happen. For this we are relying on the network administrator. As soon as we receive the information from them we will let you know! 


@Nora van Odido thanks for this update.

At this moment the construction on the Fiber network is still not finished, this is also the reason why you are still unable to receive a working connection

Sad to hear this of course, because when installation company came in February to install a fiber cable inside my apartment, they have cut down and throw away existing coaxial cable (I had an internet by it) saying that “it’s old generation and I won’t need it, in two weeks I will have modern internet connection”. But two weeks turned into 5 month now (9 since my application in October 2023) and it's still not clear how long should I wait more: 1 week, 1 month or 2 years.

When I came to one of the Odido’s salon asking for some temporary solution, for example 4g/5g modem, they told it was not possible to do something and some people wait for 2 years to be connected😒.

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@V_Kot I’m sorry to hear about this experience. I really wish we could solve this issue for you. However, as Nora explained, we are waiting on the network administrator to ready your connection. In order for us to provide our services. 

I advise you to make an appointment on to see if you can restore the cable through the network administrator. 

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with in the meantime. I’m happy to do so! 

I’ve called KPN Netwerk ( today one more time to ask about my situation. They can't tell any update, just that they wait until a subcontractor will connect my apartment. And they don’t know anything about what’s going on (do I have equipment inside my apartment or not) or any existing problems. And they can't reach out to this subcontractor (or doesn't want). They just wait until the status from the subcontractor will change.
So it’s all dependant on some subcontractor, which I can’t reach to directly as well as KPN Netwerk also can’t (that’s what they say). And no one can’t tell when things will start moving.