T-Mobile cancelled my contract by mistake and don't want to fix it

  • 13 March 2023
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A few days ago I decided to contact T-Mobile tech support after having slow connection issues for a couple of weeks and having to reboot my router almost every day.

I went to the chat and explained my issue. Unfortunately, I got distracted and the chat closed to inactivity.

But I saw an email saying that my complaint was actually forwarded to technical support.

The next day I received an odd email, saying that my customer benefits have expired ( I have both mobile and Thuis subscriptions ). I saw in the app that I'm still registered to my old address, but I couldn't change it, so I called customer service. The person on the other end of the phone was puzzled by the situation ( he didn't really understand what was going on in the system ) so he opened a ticket and left some comments on the one opened a day before.

After the call, I noticed that my internet stopped working…

I called the support once more, and have been told my contract was canceled for some reason.

Again it wasn't unclear why ( not just to me, but also to the customer service ).

After some time of trying to understand what happened, he managed to get to tech support, and they told him ( I was on hold ) that it was indeed canceled. There is no way to restore it and I need to make a new one.

I was of course infinitely frustrated and angry, but for me, it was more important to restore the connection, than to figure out who did what and why.

So I agreed and was transferred to the sales department where I got a new contract and was transferred back to customer service.

And this is when they told me I need to wait for 2 weeks!!!! to get connected again and they cannot do anything.

They didn't want to escalate this to the management, even though I requested this several times.

They sent me an unlimited internet code for a week. But I already pay for an Unlimited mobile subscription.

After about half an hour of arguments, I managed to get a 10 euro discount ( Wow, so generous! Thank you T-Mobile! ).

I mostly work from home, so It affects me quite a lot.

Besides that I use an iPhone, which makes changing the HotSpot name so the devices think it's the router and connect to it is inconvenient, not to mention that it only supports up to 8 devices. And occasionally it stops sharing the HotSpot.

This makes a lot of my WiFi devices unusable.

I really don't understand how a company can do whatever they want and not have any consequences.

I thought a contract works both ways. And since they broke the contract I expect them to go the extra mile to help me go about my day, or at least give me some actual discount. ( 10 euro discount and a code for what I already pay for is a joke ).


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Hi @Scotie, welcome to our Community! I went to check for you right away. I see in my system that you waived the installation, therefore the subscription has been discontinued. A new application does indeed take a bit longer. Unfortunately, I cannot speed up this process either. Is there anything I can do for you at the moment?

Hi @Tommie, thanks for replying. 

I have indicated to Gideon ( the installer ) that I have installed it myself and it's working.
I remember specifically asking whether there is anything else needs to be done by the technician other than plugging in the the lan cable from the fiber->lan convertor. They said no.

So I Have to wait for Gideon to plug in my router otherwise you cancel my contract? Doesn't make to much sense to me… 
Also, I didn't have any direct contact with T-Mobile after that. ( In my understanding Gideon is not part of T-Mobile ). Why didn't anyone call to verify that with me before unplugging me?


While writing this reply I receive an email from Gideon to schedule an installation and I have a feeling that T-Mobile is going to send me a new router and request the old one back…

Do you see any pitfalls in your approach? 
It's especially funny (not really) when during the appointment scheduling you see which time is the most ECO-FRIENDLY .


Is there anything you can do? I don't know. 
I would prefer proper customer communication, not doing redundant things, like sending a router to replace the identical router and not sending a technician that will not do anything that I can.

I'd also like that T-Mobile owns their mistakes and makes up for them.


And I would REALLY like to know the reasoning as to why you cannot do anything to speed up the process. Isn't calling KPN and asking to enable an interface in one of their switches? Is it even KPN?


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When the old subscription is cancelled, due to the not have it properly installed and verified by Guidion, everything needs to be send back.

For the new subscription, you will get new material. Than the thing  that you declined the engineer but did call for a technical complaint. That is why the installations for glasfiber must be done by Guidion, so they know that the connections are properly installed. 

So, for the new setup, let Guidion handle it as it is supposed to be.

I'm sorry, but what you say doesn't make too much sense to me…


 due to the not have it properly installed

How do you know it wasn't installed properly? 


For the new subscription, you will get new material.

Why? Even if I haven't installed it properly, what does it have to do with the router?


Than the thing  that you declined the engineer but did call for a technical complaint. 

So? How do you make a connection between my complaint and my installation?

Or do you disconnect all the clients who have technical issues as a policy?


To me it seems you make too many assumptions...